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November 18, 2016
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How to Start a Hair Salon?

How to Start a Hair Salon

One of the dream businesses especially for people in line with the beauty industry is hair salons. The business objective is to focus on giving the customers confidence in how they wear and how they want to wear their crowning glory. Hair salons are very profitable considering the number of people having their hair, nails, and make-up done in ample time. Before you open the doors of this amazing business venture, ensure that every step is well-planned and researched. 

As an entrepreneur focusing on beauty, think of the areas that need to be covered during the planning stage. Hair salons are one of the significantly profitable businesses. But when they lack in strategic and financial planning, even the most established salon can experience a large profit loss. How do I start? Where do I start? With the ideas you have in mind, allow this article to provide enlightenment on how to start your salon business. 

Shape the Business Plan

In every business, there will always be a business plan. It answers the following questions: 

  • How are you going to allow the money to circulate?
  • What are the services the salon will be catering to?
  • What type of customers are you trying to service?
  • How will you manage daily operations? 

The list is endless but with the same purpose of shaping the identity and services of your hair salon business. Take time to think about the important decisions you have to make. It would be best to weigh the factors that you have to consider before coming up with a final answer. 

Set the Business Budget

In starting a business, you have a lot of ideas in mind. But before anything else, identify first the type of hair salon that best suits your budget. Setting your finances straight is one of the most important keys in starting a business. See to it that your proposed ideas are attainable. 

From the number of customers, location, supplies, and renovations ensure that the expenses can be redeemed as you open your doors. Plan well on how you want to start your hair salon business. 

Pick an Accessible Location

It’s very important to choose an accessible location for your salon. If you are planning to open a small salon, why not provide exceptional hair services within your home? Make it accessible to potential customers within your neighborhood. 

For some who prefer opening a big salon, designate a space where people usually pass by. It would be best to locate it along the roads where the front of the store is highly visible. The location of your hair salon depends on the type of people you will be catering to. 

Set the location according to their societal status. Is your salon for the mass people or can only be afforded by the upper-class people? The location is one of the significant considerations since this affects the revenue of the business. 

Utilize High-Quality Equipment 

Investing in high-quality equipment reflects the results of hairstyling. Hair scissors are the most important tools used to shape the way people wear their crowning glory. Paired with the skills of the hairdressers, high-quality hair scissors are the aid in executing an exceptional hairstyle. 

Seek for a specialized manufacturer of scissors with an exceptional reputation. Differs in style and size, the hair scissors depending on the comfortability of the hairdresser while using them. The utilization of high-quality equipment is a big help in exhibiting their identity. 

Invest in the Interior and Exterior Design

More than just the exemplary services the salon is offering, you should also focus on what the customers can see upon entering. This involves the interior and exterior design of the salon. How inviting is it to the eyes of the passersby? 


Whether space is small or big, it’s no excuse to poorly plan a provided space. The spaces of a hair salon are very few and it mostly consists of areas and not rooms making the spaces more maximized. 


Since every service offered takes time to be rendered, the required pieces of furniture should make the customers feel comfortable. Choose the type of furniture that is high-quality but at the same time, aesthetically pleasing. Make the customers feel that they are treated with care as they pamper themselves with different services. 


No matter how beautiful the interior and exterior of your hair salon is, the lighting design remains most significant. Effective lighting defines the functionality and sets the mood of the hair salon. See to it that you utilize different customizable lighting fixtures with appropriate lighting vibrancy and color. 

Materials and Finishes 

Set the theme of your salon and choose the materials and colors that best suit the design you want to achieve. You can hire an interior designer or look online for different DIY interior designs for salons

Hire the Dream Team 

The number of employees you need to hire depends on the number of people you are expected to service. Most salons hire more than just one stylist to improve efficiency and alleviate the waiting time of the customers. Designate employees for the reception, hair care, nail care, and maintenance. 

Plan and Exhibit an Effective Marketing Strategy

An effective marketing strategy is a big help in gaining more customers and attracting curious ones. You can put up signs in areas where most people pass by for them to have an idea of your hair salon. 

The cheapest marketing strategy would be engaging in social media and putting up a website. This will answer all the frequently asked questions of the customers too. They will have an idea about the services you offer and broaden your market at the same time. 


In starting your hair salon, weigh in the needs more than wants. This is where the efficiency and functionality of your salon will depend on. Provide time in conducting research, especially if this is your first time to run a business. Find ways on how you can make your ideas comprehensive and more feasible to apply on your hair salon. At the end of the day, it’s all about taking the first step. Stand by your dream to open the doors of your hair salon. 

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